Consumer or Industrial Agency - Which is Best for You

Many agencies will tell you there's really no difference, and when it comes to the task of putting together ads, they may be right. But is that all your agency should be doing?

How Much Should You Spend on Advertising?

For most industrial companies, advertising represents the single largest discretionary expense. 

How Smart is Your Market

Most companies, perhaps even yours, tend to overestimate their customer's level of knowledge.

Public Relations...Is it a Substitute for Advertising?

On a recent new business call, a VP of Sales and Marketing posed the following question to us: “Why should I spend a lot of money running ads when I can get more bang for my buck from PR?” A perfectly legitimate question in this day and age of shrinking promotional budgets and increased focus on results.

What Image Does Your Advertising Project

Advertising – good or bad – helps to create an image of your company in the minds of those who see it. 

Why Advertise in Trade Publications

Your company will have a better chance of being considered and your products of being chosen if your brand is well known.