General Management

Can You Sell Industrial Products with a Limited Sales Force

The answer (in most cases) is yes, but you have to be clever how you go about it.

Consumer or Industrial Agency - Which is Best for You

Many agencies will tell you there's really no difference, and when it comes to the task of putting together ads, they may be right. But is that all your agency should be doing?

Cracking the OEM - Do You Have the Right Combination

If you want to generate OEM business, you’ll almost always have to take it away from competitors.

How Efficient is Your Selling System

Successful selling consists of locating and calling on prospects, getting them to accept a quotation, and then closing the order.

How Much Should You Spend on Advertising?

For most industrial companies, advertising represents the single largest discretionary expense. 

Why Book Orders When Production Can't Keep Up

Sales and manufacturing continually struggle to keep up with each other. When bookings exceed manufacturing’s ability to produce, backlog grows and capacity must be added. Typically, with an eye toward the future, capacity is added in larger chunks than immediate needs require. The result is excess capacity, which salesis expected to fill. This seesaw imbalance between sales and manufacturing fuels growth.