Video Production

Video can be an invaluable tool for industrial products that, due to size, geographic location, or other reasons, can’t be demonstrated in person. The ability for a prospect to understand exactly how a product works and see it in operation is often cited as a key factor in vendor selection. The difficulty for most companies is getting the videos produced.

Professional video production houses deliver a good looking, high definition product that is well composed, properly lit, and in sharp focus. However, they often lack an in-depth knowledge of your product and require much oversight in the filming, editing, and scripting of the video. Not to mention the expense may leave little room in your marketing budget for other projects.

For many, it's tempting to produce videos in-house since the quality of video equipment has grown in inverse proportion to its size and cost. However, without the proper video and lighting equipment, the knowledge of how use it, the ability to professionally edit footage, add titling and effects, and record voice-overs, the results are often disappointing.

While we are not full-time videographers, we have the ability to quickly, and with very little handholding, produce high quality short product demonstration, installation, service, or training videos that reflect positively on your brand without consuming your entire marketing budget.

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